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New Google Analytics Graphs

Alex Christie

8 April 2008

Google Analytics has recently introduced monthly and weekly reporting as part of their package. It used to be that the graphs showed only daily data,and you could just pick the time period. The graphs were good, but since it was daily data, it showed a lot of variation which made it harder to see the overall trend and longer time periods looked a bit busy and messy.

Now data is measurable in weekly and monthly buckets, as well as daily. All you have to do is click on the Graph by  Week, Month or Day buttons above the graph. It isn’t just for visits either, this functionality is available for all the GA metrics.

Daily data is still available so that you can see what has happened over the last week, or in particular weeks for detail, but this addition of monthly and weekly data lets you show overall trends over a long period of time, easily and without any additional work required!

This is the screen view from the Google Analytics Blog.




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