16 April 2008 | Team Tamar

Microsoft takes aim at Google with new Live Search News

The Microsoft team have just launched a new Live Search News site, a direct competitor to Google News.

Another hit at Google is the fact that Live Search News looks like a simplified version of Google News.

New features include being able to refine news results based on categories that are relevant to the story that you are viewing. To make use of the functionality you simply click the "More on this story" link that appears next to the article. This will then provide you with a list of relevant stories.

One feature that Live Search News can feel proud about, because Google News doesn’t have it, is the "Top News Videos" section. What’s really impressive about this feature is that the videos are relevant and that you can preview the video by simply hovering over the video image.

Personally I really liked the fact that searches were quick, unlike most Live services, and that it included the video feature. Things that did bother though were the fact that I could not simply click on the Search button and be presented with the latest headlines. I had to type in a search word or click one of the given categories to be presented with news.

Google News already has a very strong following and whether Live Search News will be able to convert them remains to be seen. I guess only time will tell.

Team Tamar