22 April 2008 | Team Tamar

Google world’s most powerful brand

For the second year in a row Google has retained it’s position as the world’s most powerful brand according to Millward Brown’s annual ranking of top international brands.

The study based on financial data and interviews with more than a million consumers worldwide and proves that brands are becoming ever more valuable assets.

According to Millward Brown’s ranking, Google brand is now worth $86.1bn that is 30% more than last year. This is not a surprise if we take into consideration how closely identified it is with its users activities. In second place is General Electric, valued at $71bn and Microsoft follows in the third place, with the same value ($71 bn).

It’s obvious that the big winner of the year is the technology sector with 28 technology related brands out of the top 100. Not only Google has topped the ranking but also Blackberry has proved the fastest-growing brand, having increased its brand equity by 390%.

The study also pointed that Asian brands are becoming even stronger; seven of the top 100 are established brands from Asia.

To read the actual report visit Millward Brown’s annual ranking of top international brands.

Team Tamar