4 April 2008 | Team Tamar

Google to sell recently acquired SEO company

3 weeks ago Google acquired Double Click for a couple of
billion. This purchase included the
Double Click brand Performics, which specialises in SEO and PPC. This put Google in a tricky situation as it
is against its has long said that money will not affect its natural rankings
and if Google is receiving money for SEO advice then you can see the conflict
of interest.

Performics website states that they "improve search
engine crawlability, yielding increased relevancy in results and ultimately, a
higher natural search ranking." using techniques that include link

So Google is now going to separate the parts of the
Performics business that focus on SEO – "It’s clear to us that we do not
want to be in the search engine marketing business," Phillips wrote in a
blog on Google’s Web site. "Maintaining objectivity in both search and
advertising is paramount to Google’s mission."

Not really unexpected news

Team Tamar

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