3 April 2008 | Team Tamar

Google Docs going offline?

Google is finally taking its word processing software, Google Docs, offline. It’s a move seen by many as a direct challenge to Microsoft Office.

According to Google, users that make use of Google Docs, will be able to make use of Google Gears to save and then edit documents without being connected to the Internet.

"Cloud computing is great, but you need the cloud to make it work," Philip Tucker, software engineer, Google Docs, wrote on a Google blog. "On an airplane, on the shuttle commuting to work, or at home when my cable modem goes down, I want to work on my documents. And, until now, that usually meant saving a copy and editing on the desktop."

"Now there’s a better solution. With Google Docs offline, I can take my little piece of the cloud with me wherever I go," Tucker added. "Once enabled, I have a local version of my document list and editors, along with my documents."

Google Gears was introduced by Google last year as a means for application developers to create Web applications that can run offline.

Team Tamar