21 April 2008 | Team Tamar

Facebook Slimming Down… But Why?

Untitled1_2 As several bloggers have noted lately, Facebook seems to be dropping features on a weekly basis. In just the last month alone, the following features have been trimmed from the site:

  • Networks – or the link to your network page at the top of the page, to be precise
  • Friend timeline – the feature that showed you a timeline of your friends, according to when you told Facebook you first met them
  • Virtual Gifts – the giftshop is now very hard to find, having been removed from the right sidebar
  • Mini-feed ratings – the ability to click the little cross next to a story to (supposedly) remove it.

So where are all these things disappearing to, and what will replace them? The answer in a couple of cases – notably the friend timeline and feed ratings – is that these features were quite regularly prone to… well, not work very well. Together with the fact that they probably weren’t used very much, the answer seems to be that Facebook is doing some housekeeping.

What will replace them? Well, in the case of the items above that appeared in the right-hand sidebar, I suspect Facebook is making room for the upcoming Facebook Chat to be widely launched. But presumably users will have the option to turn chat off, so what else will spring up to replace it? Only time will tell…

Team Tamar