16 April 2008 | Team Tamar

Facebook Lexicon Arrives

Those of you who are regular readers of our blogs – or indeed are long-time clients – will know how fond we are in the ‘Search and Social Media’ team of the Google Zeitgeist report, and indeed Google Trends. Well, now you can do a similar thing within Facebook, with the newly-launched Facebook Lexicon. The tool trawls about 6 months worth of data that Facebook have been (anonymously) gathering from wall posts, both on profiles and groups, and provides a good ‘snapshot’ of what people are talking about.

It’s worth noting that Facebook aren’t showing you the raw numbers on their graphs (much like Google don’t) but the graphs provide a good insight in to the peaks and troughs of the ‘buzz’ these topics are generating. Go and have a play around with it, but we’ve done a few example searches for you here in case you can’t think of what to search for:

Paris Hilton


Indiana Jones (notice the peak when the trailer came out in February!)


George Bush


Spice Girls


Team Tamar