3 April 2008 | Team Tamar

Facebook chat coming soon?

According to the guys at AllFacebook.com, the launch of the much-hyped Facebook chat client could come this week. The clues to this imminent change? Apparently there are a number of javascript changes being implemented by Facebook, as well as a new TCP connection change to Facebook users that are logged in (don’t worry, they lost me at TCP as well…)

It’ll be very interesting to see how a built-in chat client will be received by Facebook users as a whole. I personally have several chat programs logged in on an average day, including GChat and Skype, but I’m wondering whether my 450+ Facebook friends being able to start random conversations with me in real time will only serve to distract me even more than Facebook already does?

One thing’s for sure, it’s definitely going to be seen as a challenge to the aformentioned chat providers, as well as the all-seeing eye of Microsoft with their MSN messenger. How will they respond? Only time will tell.

Team Tamar