19 April 2008 | Team Tamar

China Mobile Search

I attended to the session about the mobile search market in China at SMX, which was quite good.

Mobile search is a relatively new concept in the global search market.  Unlike the USA and Europe, a large amount of mobile internet users in China do not have computer with internet connection.  So the concept of mobile search in China is a bit different from other parts of the world.

According to the speaker, the target market of mobile search users are those who have no access to the internet, like the farmers and construction workers who work outside.  For those who have internet connections at home or office, mobile search could also be popular, because they might want to search for information when on the move. 

Team Tamar

  • Karen

    I never thought of that. Targeting people who don’t have a home/work internet connection. Did they give stats on how many people in China have web enabled phones but no home internet? I’d be interested to see stats on that for counties such as UK and South Africa.