2 April 2008 | Team Tamar

April fools – Google China!

When I opened Google China on 1st of April, I found that Google claimed they had launched a new service called “Human powered search”.


According to the introduction, this kind of service was powered by general internet users. The search request from users are sent to designated Google staff who will in turn answer the search request through their research and finally Google will list the result as Google currently does.

I was very interested in this new service and typed my name without hesitation. Then I got:


It said it was just a joke! But the concept of human intelligence search is worth researching. There are some search request can not be processed well by algorithm. How to adapt human intelligence into search algorithm could be a very hot topic in the not too distant future.

Team Tamar

  • Chris

    sounds like ChaCha, no foolin’

  • Ed Dale

    Check out Mahalo, they are working on human powered search. . .