15 April 2008 | Team Tamar

Another Hot Topic at SMX Xiamen

The Search Marketing Expo will be held this Friday and Saturday in Xiamen (if you have any questions you want me to ask go here). Some of the topics to be discussed include Search 3.0 and brand marketing. We also believe that mobile search will be a hot topic. Almost one sixth of the agenda was occupied by some topics regarding mobile search in China.(if you want to know more about mobile search in China, please go here)

Last week, China mobile started to sell 3G mobile and currently they are busy testing the network. We can predict that in the near future 3G technology will be utilised to its full potential! That is why it has become so vital to make mobile search accessible across platforms.

Some more attention should also be paid to the future of mobile search in China. There will be a workshop that will attempt to determine the trends of the market.

What will the outcome be? Let us wait till next Monday.

Team Tamar