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YouTube rival Hulu goes live!

Alex Christie

12 March 2008

Today sees the YouTube rival Hulu, a joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp, go live. The service will contain programming from Time Warner Inc.’s television group, Lions Gate Entertainment and sports groups.

The online service is described as a YouTube rival and will offer full-length episodes from more than 250 television series, including The Simpsons. Visitors will also have a selection of more than a 100 movies to watch from.

Will Hulu be successful? Well, according to a report released by Hulu, they have already had an audience of 5 million viewers on the site in the past 30 days!

How does the user experience compare to YouTube? Initially, you’re really impressed with the organised layout of the interface and that you can view an entire episode of a series instead of just loose clips, like YouTube, but then you realise that  Hulu will never be YouTube. Hulu is more like an free online Video store, with a limited selection, while Youtube is the world in video!



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