26 March 2008 | Team Tamar

Who Wants To See A Millionaire Anyway?

There have been a number of stories in the world press in the past 24 hours about a security breach of Facebook’s photo interface, that has been highlighted by a keen expert on his blog. The loophole allowed the expert to view supposedly private shots from Paris Hilton and Mark Zuckerberg amongst others, using an issue that has apparently been known about in the ‘community’ for a while now. To their credit, Facebook fixed the problem within an hour of being notified by the AP, so your photos are safe again – at least as safe as they can ever be when you post them online these days (!).


The more interesting thing to come out of this story is the stat that Facebook released last week, which stated that only 25% of their users had taken control of their privacy setting so far. I guess this highlights both the need for regular users to familiarise themselves with the privacy controls that Facebook offer – which are suprisingly thorough these days, but also seems to me to imply that the average Facebook users isn’t actually that bothered by changing them. To give credit where due, Facebook quite regularly highlight stories in your newsfeed encouraging you to go and change you security settings, so I’m willing to bet that the average Facebook user will have seen this at least once or twice. But they’re obviously not choosing to actually go ahead and change them, and the only real reason I can think of is that they aren’t posting anything risky or risque enough that they need to worry about it – a sensible approach in my opinion! If only everyone followed this lead, we wouldn’t have to have quite so many sensationalist stories on this subject in the future.

Team Tamar