11 March 2008 | Team Tamar

Topicle search engine

Topicle is the
latest in the line of ‘create your own, h
uman-powered search engines’ and is the brainchild of former
Google Product Manager Steffan Mueller.

Topicle enables you to
build your own vertical search engine,
it is simple to use and is has a definite Google custom search feel
about it.

The process is simple. First you select a ‘search engine’ through a choice
of current human-created engines. I you don’t find the one that fits your needs then
you’re able to create your own by choosing a unique name and adding in between
one and five URLs.

in effect you’re searching through a collection of user submitted links.

Each ‘search engine’ is
rated by a mix of the rating users give a search engine and how many times a search
engine is used. Topicle.com helps you make an efficient search by focusing on a
specific topic.

Will this catch on? I’m not sure it will. Do we really need one more place
to aggregate information we’re interested in?

Team Tamar