28 March 2008 | Team Tamar

Snickers vs Marmite – Who Has Most Facebook Fans?

Quit yo jibba jabba fools! Mr T is… losing! At least in the Facebook pages battle anyway. Snickers launched their first official Facebook page at the start of February, but so far they’ve only gained 5,000 fans. That’s not too shabby when you consider how many fans the average page used to get when the system first launched, but in the past few months the platform has really started to take off in a major way, particularly in the UK. This is in no small part thanks to brands like Radio 1 starting to take the system seriously – not to mention all the publicity that gains. The Chris Moyles show fan page has over 325,000 fans as of this morning, which is no mean feat.

Here’s a look at some of the other big names / brands who have so far dived in, and how well they’re doing…

MarmiteBrand – Marmite (aka. tar-like savoury spread)
Launched – Feb 5th 2008, to coincide with their limited edition Champagne Marmite launch.
Fans – 57,393 so far
Activity – Loads of discussions going on, fans uploading photos, old adverts uploaded on video, wall activity. No updates sent to fans so far though.

Smarties Brand – Smarties (aka. colourful sugar-coated chocolate)
Launched – Mar 11th 2008, the coincide with the relaunch of the blue Smarties
Fans – 113 so far
Activity – The initial activity burst was good, with lots of nice videos and images uploaded. But two weeks after the last update, it looks like they may have lost interest in updating it already!

Coke Brand – Coke (aka. Lip-smacking, thirst-quenching… or was that Pepsi?!)
Launched – Feb 13th 2008
Fans – 498 so far
Activity – Not a lot after the initial launch. Like Smarties, it looks like they haven’t really planned their marketing activity far beyond the launch…

Sprite Brand – Sprite (aka. pseudo-lemonade like lemon-lime fizzy pop)
Launched – Nov 8th 2007
Fans – 2,272
Activity – Some nicely designed promos and videos, and the first on the list to have fully taken advantage of editing their profile with FBML etc.

LostBrand – ABC’s "Lost" (aka. confusing-yet-compelling desert island TV show)
Launched – Nov 2007
Fans – 125,054
Activity – It’s not clear whether this is official of not, but the fans have certainly made it a lot more interesting, uploading photos and videos.

KatenashBrand – Kate Nash (aka. Mockney singing sensation of "Foundations" fame)
Launched – Dec 20th 2007
Fans – 14,925 so far
Activity – It’s not quite yet of the proportions that MySpace musician fan pages get to, but it’s certainly a lot nicer looking, with tour photos, discussions and fan videos amongst the content.

IndyBrand – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (aka. !)
Launched – January 12th 2008
Fans – 24,984 so far 
Activity – Launched by Paramount, this is a great example of what you need to do to have a successful film page – backstage photos, competitions, videos and the like all make for a must see page.

So, as you can see the amount of people who now understand and regularly use the Facebook fan pages system has grown massively in the last few months, which is great news for the brands who are using the system cleverly and engagingly.

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  • http://www.tamar.com.cn Aidan Moore

    I wish the Lost page would explain what is happening.

  • Amy Zhao

    I will definitely in the “Lost” one.