18 March 2008 | Team Tamar

Service Pack or Self Preservation?

I know you were all waiting for one us to talk about the worldwide Vista SP1 dilemma we appear to be having… When is it coming out? Have they solved the driver issues they have been having? What if I purchase Vista after the SP1 update.. Will it be included?

I think the question everyone should be asking is "Why does there need to be a Service Pack at all?". If you purchase a beautiful new Gibson SG (sorry to all the Fender fans out there) you don’t expect to have to take it back to the shop, excitable and curious, for a polish and wax job to fix the dodgy one done the first time round. Okay, so the price difference is pretty huge, but it has to be argued you get lot more for your guitar than you do for your Windows Vista.

SP1 is not suppose to be a package of new fancy features that encourages the consumers who didn’t buy it the first time round, to instead buy it the second time round. Technically, there shouldn’t be a need to give this to the consumer at all; have Microsoft not heard of Death-By-Testing? Perhaps I am being a bit harsh, no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes…

But what sort of game are they playing here when it’s already been reported that the bug fixing package contains new bugs? The delay on their second impression doesn’t give me much confidence.

Team Tamar