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Project management – Top Tips

Alex Christie

12 March 2008

Hi there, my name is Bogdan Szychowski and part of my role at Tamar is to project manage and facilitate many of our build projects. 

Being a PRINCE2 and ITIL service management practitioner I have had the opportunity to manage and deliver a number of build projects each being very different from one to the next.  As each project has different objectives and deliverables it soon becomes apparent that there are a number of ever increasing challenges the exist for the project manager on a day to day basis.

With this in mind I would like to kick off a top tips for project management.  Each week I’ll be covering a new topic. 

So let’s get started on this weeks topic – planning.

Planning your project

You must have heard the saying plan the work and work the plan.  Right?  In essence this is the key to successful project management.  As a priority it’s always best to first plan out the project and then monitor and control the work to be produced.

Without any proper project planning a project has the potential to be a complete failure even before it even kicks off. In my experience project failures can most often be traced back to deficiencies in the planning process.  So next time when you’re planning out your project use these 3 simple deliverables:

Define your project

  • who, where, what, why and how

Plan the work

  • create a work plan or work breakdown structure WBS to assign resources, estimate time against your resources
  • closer to the project you will want to create a more detailed project schedule with MS Project

Execute the work

Thats it!!

Nextweek i’ll be looking at how to work with your plan.




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