28 March 2008 | Tanya Goodin

It’s rant o’clock!

Why the iPhone does not work for me

Welcome to our new column called Kent Brockman. This is where we get to have a rant about the things that are bothering us – feel free to join in!

I love gadgets, always have always will. But they have to be practical and they work otherwise they go straight under the kitchen sink to join the ice cream maker, the thing for cutting onions really thin and the fancy looking juicer that didn’t juice.

So I recently took possession of an iPhone and while there are many things it does well it’s the fact that the basics do not work well that have finally driven me back to my trusted Blackberry.

So here is where I have been struggling with my iPhone:

  • Typing, actually typing something is next to impossible to do at any speed. I have tried a number of approaches but none of them work for me. And the predictive text does not seem to learn as the Blackberry does.
  • Connectivity, the connection to the internet struggles in places where it really should not.
  • Emails, they are more of a pull than a push option,they take ages to load and often do not load in full which is really annoying.
  • Battery life, this is OK if you are just picking up emails but talk and the battery does not last that long. This may just be my expectations of what is good but I was not too impressed.
  • Random deadness, several times if you press a number of buttons too quickly the iPhone just goes into ‘shock’ mode and dies. You can do nothing, not even switch it on or off. You just have to wait for it to recover, the poor wee soul!
  • Synching, I had a vew issues getting it to synch with my outlook contacts and global diary.

In the interest of fairness here are some good things!

  • Music, easy to download, surf through the albums available and to listen to.
  • Photos, OK to take and really easy to email to people, nice one!
  • Web browsing, when it worked great for viewing websites, PDFs, Excel sheets and so on – I am going to miss those options!

So there you have have it, I am not alone having issues with the iPhone. Maybe some could be solved and maybe I should have taken more time to learn to type on it. But I did adjust to my Blackberry a lot quicker so that is where I am headed.

This has been a Kent Brockman production! Have a good weekend.

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar

  • http://www.tamar.com.cn Aidan

    Slow internet speed and random stalling are all frustrating. But when it works it works well. I just wish I could load non apple video’s into it as it has such a good screen.

  • http://www.robgaskarth.co.uk Rob Gaskarth

    If you find an mp4 converter you should be able to watch non apple vids. Works with my ipod. I use isquint to convert, works great…http://www.isquint.org/. I’m gonna wait til they make it 3G! We shall see