6 March 2008 | Team Tamar

IE 8 is here!

Ie8Microsoft have not taken Firefox’s intervention in its browsing market lightly and the brand new Internet Explorer 8 proves just that. It comes jam-packed with brand new features, great looks and most surprising
, it is available for download! This beta is however only for developers to demonstrate all of the new bells and whistles, and there are some pretty cool ones!

One of the biggest new features is "WebSlices". The technology allows users’ browsers to receive updates from various websites without having to actually visit the sites. Users of IE 8 can subscribe to certain pages and their toolbars will receive dynamic live updates from these pages.

Some of the new features, that are mainly thanks to "WebSlices", include:

  • Facebook: Microsoft have used their partnership with the social media giant to their advantage allowing IE 8 users to receive status updates straight to their browser toolbar!
  • eBay: This will allow you to track auctions in your toolbar, so you won’t miss that deadline!
  • Live Maps: This will allow users to simply highlight addresses on a page, simply select the address, right click and select Live Maps and a small pop-up map will appear!
  • Me.Dium: this will help IE 8 users to view and find new "WebSlices" from their sidebar!

Will Internet Explorer be able to counteract Firefox ‘s popularity? As soon as the new IE is released to the public we will find out!

Team Tamar

  • Jules Wright

    Sounds great – but when’s a version for Mac OSX coming? I’m not that keen on Safari and I miss my IE.