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Google to clamp down on slow loading ads.

Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
10 March 2008

Google are  going to be penalising web adverts whose landing page takes too long to load.  This following a post on its Inside AdWords blog. It simply states that Google will be incorporating a new factor, landing page load time, into Quality Score.

The reason behind the move is that users prefer not having to wait when arriving on a site and secondly, users will abandon your site much easier if its load-time is too long and it could really hurt your conversion rate.

This change should start coming into effect in the coming weeks and Google will also add load-time evaluations to their Keyword Analysis Page and once a site’s load-time has been estimated, owners will have a month to rectify it.

So be sure to check your sites load-time estimates and prevent yourself being punished!



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