11 March 2008 | Team Tamar

All about the detail

While browsing through ‘A list apart,’ a website all designers love, I came across an article based on a topic that is very close to may heart ‘Design is in the detail’.

Here is an overview to how to get your design 100% perfect (or near enough!)

Experiment – Sketch out a number of designs, throw ideas together and see what happens. Getting started is half the battle, but don’t be afraid to start over if something isn’t working.
Choices – Make smart simple choices, start minimally deciding on type, colours and over all tone of the site.
Stay consistent – Once you have made a choice stick with it, keep your design decisions consistent throughout the site.
Make notes while going through this process, these will make a good basis for a style guide.
Completeness – Ensure you finish the design, don’t miss details such as footers, even these deserve attention and help to complete the design.
Step in, step out, step back: balance – Step away from the design occasionally, come back with fresh eyes and think about what your first impressions are. Make changes according to your gut reaction to what you see.
Be your own critic – Look at your design and think about the parts that might provoke questions and concerns with the client, have solid answers for the decisions you have made.
Complexity in simplicity: less is more – When doing detail work, “less is more” is about leaving in only everything that is necessary and making it harmonious.
Obsession is healthy – Perfection is not something to strive for, but close to perfect is—it leaves room for exploration, dialogue, and learning.

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