13 February 2008 | Team Tamar

UK ALMOST beating Canada on Facebook Users

The battle for second place in the "Facebook Active Users" chart continues at pace, with the UK now showing signs of a late charge. As of this morning there are only 15,000 users separating the two, and if the UK continues to rise at the pace they have been for the past few months, we could soon be stealing the Canuck crown.

Lower down in the charts you can see that Turkey is now securely whupping the proverbial asses of the Australians, romping in to 4th place. South Africa has also recovered from it’s summer-time (in that hemisphere) lull over the Christmas period.

It’ll be great to see how these numbers change as we head in to the middle of 2008 – is the oft-predicted Facebook apathy ever truly going to hit? Only time will tell!




Team Tamar