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The great internet clean up starts

Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
4 February 2008

Address overhaul begins

It was stated in a report that all of the master address books on
the internet will be tidied up and updated in the first major step to
overhaul and streamline the internet’s core addressing system.

The new format is commonly known as IP version 6 (IPv6) and the
updates and maintenance play a vital part in ensuring that the massive
pool of unallocated internet addresses is not exhausted by 2011.

We use words and letters to navigate the web, but our machines use
only numbers and your computer will try to access the numerical
equivalent for the site you are searching for and these numbers are
acquired from the net’s master address book.

The latest developments have seen the birth of IPv6 and will be an
upgrade on its predecessor IPv4. The upgrade will mostly consist of
adding a small number of records into the new IPv6 records on master
and root servers.

This a huge step forward in internet development, because for the
first time pc’s and servers will be able to communicate without using
IPv4 technology at all.

Paul Twomey, the president of Icann (they oversee the addressing
system) told the BBC website that : "There’s pressure for people to
make the conversion to IPv6, we’re pushing this as a major issue."

The main reason for this is the fact that all of the unallocated addresses on IPv4, some 4,294,967,296, is decreasing fast.

He also added that, "we’re down to 14% of the unallocated addresses
out of the whole pool for version 4," and he concluded that "There’s
not a Y2K problem per se, but there’s going to be a crush so we need to
get people applying for them now."

When IPv6 becomes effective, we will unlock a virtually infinite
pool of addresses to use. The take up of IPv6 is expected to increase
as people that will try to register IPv4 addresses will simply have to
deal with the fact that their might not be any sites left in a couple
of years.



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