26 February 2008 | Team Tamar

The great gadget monopoly

The advent of the gadget can be traced back almost to the creation of mankind itself, when ancient man used various devices to help carry out daily tasks more effectively.  However gadgets aren’t strictly devices, they are simply a means to complete a task more efficiently and precisely than was previously possible.  Google for example is not a gadget, its scope and purpose in many ways goes beyond the function of a gadget, it is in fact more an operating system.  So why then has the simple ancillary gizmo got behemoths such as Google, Microsoft and other media giants so worried?  The answer many analysts believe is straightforward: empowerment and content, two factors that in their own right dictate a large proportion of todays human behaviour.Rubik

Perhaps the greatest example of this influence can be attributed to the new I-Phone, in many ways the epitome of gadget influence and domination.  If you would like to download music you have to go through the I Tunes interface, phone calls are made through a set provider and even your ISP is predetermined.  It’s no wonder the people who are responsible for producing entertainment and even information providers themselves are so concerned about what the next gadget is going to be.

We have reached a point in time, where in many ways, technology is raging a war with technology.  Each new gizmo produced is desperately trying to create a platform for itself where other media companies, television networks, ISP’s and cable providers will want to be part of.  I feel there will always be two winners in this battle; the creators, people like Steve Jobs and those who have the ability not only to predict the ‘next big thing’, but also know how to exploit it.

Team Tamar