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Techniques of the dark side – part 1

Alex Christie

20 February 2008

Welcome to our second post from the dark side, today I am going to cover part 1 of optimisation techniques that are fundamental to this area of the search world. I’m also going to rate them out of 10 according to difficulty and success rate.

And just in case you are wondering we do not use these techniques or condone them, we just try to understand them!

Link Spam

Hidden Links:
One of the old basics which was implemented extensively during the late 90′s, the most basic form consisted of links of a colour or size which made them extremely difficult for users to pick up. The engines are extremely good at detecting this unless it is part of a more advanced cloaking system.

Difficulty 1
Success 1

Spam Blogs:
Also known as Splogs; these are blogs created with the sole intent of passing link value, they can be created manually or automated on a larger scale. As their influence grows proportionally to the amount of blogs present, a relatively high level of web development knowledge is required to fully utilize this approach.

Difficulty 5
Success 5

Link Farms:
This involves creating groups of sites with related, relevant content which link to each other extensively.
A few years ago this was relatively easy to achieve, the engines have long since smartened up and now the devil is truly in the details to pull this off successfuly. This is even more valid in areas with higher revenue and related activity, which are obviously more highly scrutinized.

Difficulty 7
Success 5

Expired Domains/Domain Hijacking:
There are several methods of implementing this, the classic is scanning WHOIS registrars for domains that have expired or are currently expiring. Control is gained of these domains which are then exploited for their domain history.
Success is generally short term, but if the right situation occurs this can become extremely lucrative.

Difficulty 8
Success 8

Well that’s it for part 1, in part 2 we will finish off link spam and move onto the more in-depth techniques such as cloaking, "link of death" and denial of service attacks for search purposes.



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