20 February 2008 | Team Tamar

SES Update #2 – Search Engine Friendly Design

Update #2

Afternoon session – Search Engine Friendly Design

In the afternoon Matthew Bailey, President of Sitelogic spoke at a ‘Search Engine Friendly Design’ session.

He mentioned an example of a website that brings together all the key criteria for good search engine friendly design – Paramount Zone. When searching for USB cup warmers you get a detailed description in the keyword listing including the price.

Upon arriving at the site there is a decent paragraph which rather than just explaining the product, identifies the searcher’s need- it gives the product character and conveys the benefits if keeping your cup warm – admittedly a simple example, but a good one none the less.

He also raised the topic about the importance of keyword research and how searches are based on needs rather than brands, e.g. one company hadn’t been doing any keyword research and when they did they realised that they had been missing the market demands by 2 months. Their customers were researching their product in February not May (as they had assumed).

The result – They adjusted their search marketing to be in line with user habits – demand for their product increased so much that they had to increase their staff by 200.

Finally he spoke about 3 different types of searchers:

  1. Known item searching ‘the perfect catch’ (done lots of research, e.g. on a particular brand of camera they want)
  2. Exploratory searching ‘lobster traps’
  3. Exhaustive searching ‘driftnet’ (they’ll go well beyond the first 3 pages to find the right thing and check all of the results)

All in all it was another interesting session, but there is still much more to come, so keep checking the blog!

Team Tamar