20 February 2008 | Team Tamar

SES Update #1 – Local Search

oUpdate # 1

Session 1 – Local search

  • This year will be big for local Web 2.0 sites.
  • Traditional directory sites will need to embrace local 2.0
  • Small businesses should embrace the toolset on offer from Google
  • An attendee from We Love Local predicted that : "Google’s
    dominance will continue, any player needs to see how they can play a role in
    local space and integrate social elements, traditional directories need to get
    involved, personslistion and contextualisation will be key."
  • Google do however face challenges and over the next 10 years they will need to distinguish themselves as a media owner or advertising adviser to local
  • There’s is also a huge opportunity to give them advice on how to spend ad
    budgets but risk cannibalising their business.

We will be receiving more updates later today, so stay tuned!

Team Tamar