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Overcoming a creative block

Alex Christie

19 February 2008

Creative blocks happen to us all and there are many, many different ways to resolve these blocks…Here are some of our suggestions. Why not give them a bash?

Try not to set any goals

This can help to foster spontaneity and can help things to play out naturally.

Try to make unrealistic goals

This could prove useful in helping to push you beyond your normal boundaries, hopefully resulting in more creative, innovative and unique designs (but don’t make them too unrealistic).

Get out of the house or office

This is one of my favourites. Go for a walk around the block, or go walk the dog. Just get away from your screen or work area. If you can’t get out of the office, then go make a cup of tea.

Study your peers/don’t study your peers

Sometimes you can benefit by looking at the designs a fellow designer has done on a project you are working on, or what your peers in the industry have done.
It can however be beneficial to ignore what your colleagues have, as this may hinder your creative processes in coming up with your own designs.

Take a look around you

Sometimes looking at an object completely unrelated to the task at hand can help get those creative juices flowing.

Isolate yourself from external influences

I usually listen to music, to isolate myself from the external activity around me. It helps me to focus and to better ponder over creative problems.

Have something on which to write or sketch ideas

You never know when solutions to design problems will pop into your head. So always keep something around to jot them down, before they disappear for eternity!

Just plough on ahead

It can be beneficial to keep soldiering on. Sooner or later creative ideas may start to flow, or you might just initially be in the wrong state of mind – which may change to be more positive as time passes.



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