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Is this goodbye to Bobby?

Alex Christie

27 February 2008

Bobby is a comprehensive web accessibility tool used to aid web designers in creating standard compliant websites with increased accessibility.

In May 2005 the Bobby tool made a transition to WebXACT, the Watchfire company incorporated Bobby into a broad suite of tools that assesses the quality of a web page – broken links, browser compatibility, privacy etc. 

For the last 3 years the Bobby WebXACT tool has been extremely useful for me as a web designer, and as a free tool my first choice when compliance testing my sites.

But as of February 1, 2008 Watchfire WebXact and Bobby Online products were no longer publicly available. As an IBM Company, Watchfire will continue to invest in accessibility through the IBM Rational Policy Tester Accessibility Edition solution. Watchfire is working closely with the IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center to continue to evolve this product line to meet this growing market demand.

So now I have to decide whether to stick with the Bobby/Watchfire/IBM tool or to look at other solution such as InFocus, AccVeriry and Deque Ramp, I will let you know how it goes.



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