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Is bigger really better…?

Sarah Graveling
Sarah Graveling
Creative Director
28 February 2008

Not the usual argument I’m afraid.
I’m talking about the size that we build websites.

We currently build all our sites to 800×600 as best practice and have done for the last 8 years, but recently we have been having discussions on whether we are ready to increase the size to 1024×786.

For 800×600:

-    Keeps the site as accessible as possible.
-    Means that nobody will need to scroll.
-    Keeping websites simple rather than cramming in more information.
-    Bigger pages could mean slower to download.

For 1024×786:

-    14% of monitors have 800×600 resolution, compared to 50% 5 years ago.
-    Web space can be a very valuable thing with advertising etc.
-    If you compromise for all users, then how can we keep moving forward.

Ultimately, I think the decision is to go bigger.

If we always catered for the dwindling minority, rather than the growing majority than we wouldn’t be able to use many of the new technologies and methods that keeps the web sites we build up to date and the internet exciting.



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