4 February 2008 | Team Tamar

Great Facebook article in the Times

In case you don’t read the Times (or the Times Online!), here’s a link to the brilliant article that ran over the weekend on Facebook, including quotes from both myself and Tamar CEO Tanya Goodin.

Who’s Pressing Your Buttons on Facebook?

It’s definitely worth a read if you have even the slighted interest in Facebook, and the online version also saves you from having to see the slightly demented-looking photo of me that ran in the paper version (see below if you want to see me looking mad at my desk!!)

Some of my highlights from the piece include:

  • I’m always struck by the disparity between the number of MySpace registered users, and the number of visits they actually receive. MySpace claim to have over 100m registered users (or 200m if you believe some websites) but they consistently sit below Facebook and Bebo in terms of active users. I guess they must have a lot of rarely-used accounts.
  • If a FTSE-listed company is serious when they report that 30% of its internet capacity is clogged by its social-networking employees, I think they might need a better internet connection! Social Networks aren’t exactly bandwidth heavy are they?!
  • Over 40% of the applications that went live in one month were classed as "Just For Fun" – do we now need a new category called "Totally Useless and will ask you to add 20 friends before you’ve even seen what it does" I wonder…?
  • All the pyschologists who you see commenting about Social Networks talk about "social circles / close friends / best friends", but seem to ignore the fact that a lot of FAMILY interaction has improved with Social Networks as well. Come on guys, step up to the plate!
  • Those teenage suicide victims may all have used Bebo, but they probably all eat bread too – you don’t see people blaming bread for teenage suicides do you?
  • I was AMAZED at the stat about 12% of "internet minutes" being spent on MySpace – until I realised it was a quote from the co-founder of MySpace. Nuff said…
  • People always dismiss Social Media as a fad by saying things like "In x years time, people might be talking about something else" – but you can say that about TV, Search Engines – virtually anything. But it doesn’t stop marketers spending billions on those mediums does it?!

Overall an excellent article, definitely worth the read.


Team Tamar