19 February 2008 | Team Tamar

Gossip about what Google China could do in 2008

There has been a lot of talk about what Google will achieve in 2008 and we believe the Chinese search market will be one of its main focal points. Baidu are currently dominating, but here we will discuss possible scenarios and tactics that Google could use to climb the Chinese search ladder a little bit more.

1. Work with more Chinese domestic websites to create a win-win situation.

Google has had a relationship with Chinese online giants such as Sina, QQ, China mobile and Tianya forum. However, most website traffic and advertisement revenue comes from clicks on these Chinese websites and we believe that Google will invest more to promote its search service and Adsense.

2. Launch the G-phone and Google’s Chinese inputting software.

Kaifu Li, the president of Google China, has confirmed that Google will publish a mobile phone version of Google pinyin (Chinese inputting software). Considering the relationship with China mobile, which is the biggest mobile network provider, Google is likely to release G-phone in China before Apple’s iPhone.

3. Legal MP3 search

A piece of news from Wall Street Journal said that Google is going to provide legal MP3 search service to make profit through this value added service. If it is successful, it could change the online music sales system over the world.

4. Start providing websites that contains content

As a search provider, Google does not generate any content. But in China, one of the reasons that Baidu is currently ahead of Google is that it has a forum that brings a lot of traffic. Google will not ignore this lucrative possibility and because it already has a relationship with Tianya, the biggest forum provider in China, it could produce a similar user generated content forum. It is a good start and we think that Google will focus more on this in 2008.

Team Tamar