18 February 2008 | Team Tamar

Google & iPhone on top of mobile search?

revealed last Wednesday that they had discovered that there are 50
times more mobile searches on their search engine coming from Apple
iPhones than any other handsets. Vic Gundotra, head of Google’s mobile
operations told the Financial Times, "We thought it was a mistake and
made our engineers check the logs again!"

This could partly be because of the iPhone’s great internet browsing
capabilities or maybe just because of  it’s great display, but how
happy must Google be? One of the most popular handsets in the world and
most people using them are using their search engine!

How will this affect the mobile search market? Well, it would seem
that the iPhone could possibly be the best vessel for mobile surfing
and if iPhone users are choosing Google, how does that reflect in the
international mobile search market?

Gundotra also said: "We want every phone to be a Google phone," he
said. "We are ultimately talking about thousands of devices. The best
way to do this would be to get Google’s mobile operating system,
Android, deployed on as many types of handsets as possible."

Team Tamar