28 February 2008 | Team Tamar

First Google Zeitgeist in China

At the beginning of 2008, Google issued the very first year-end zeitgeist in China, which showed the most popular searching phrases during the last year.  The local instant communication tool brand QQ, which is quite similar with MSN, ranked first on the Zeitgeist.  While MSN ranked 10th.  Among the top 10, four of them related to finance, including China Merchant Bank, Industry and Commercial Bank of China, shares and China Construction Bank.

The Zeitgeist shows as below´╝Ü

1. QQ (a local brand instant communication tool)
2. China Merchant Bank
3. Industry and Commercial Bank of China
5. Game
6. China Construction Bank
7. Google Earth
8. Xunlei (a local brand download software)
9. kaspersky

Team Tamar