26 February 2008 | Team Tamar

Does Ask.com bring traffic?

Finding accurate traffic statistics about search engines is not an easy task. It all depends on who is publishing the figures. While is pretty obvious that Google has the biggest share of the search market, I was intrigued by the recent rumours about ASK.com’s "penetration" in the SE market of around 17%, which was more than Msn.

Ask Jeeves has been around since 1996. A couple of years ago they axed Jeeves and re-branded the company as Ask.com.

Recent figures from Hitwise and ComScore give Ask.com a 4-5% share of the US and UK market.



I checked some of my Google analytics figures where key terms are ranking on the first page of each main search engine. I know it is not a very scientific study – however in only one week of traffic I had:

502 visitors from Ask
418 visitors from Live
232 visitors from MSN

Which means:
Google = 90.4%
Yahoo = 4%
Live = 1.10%
Msn = 0.63%
Ask = 2.47%

The site I used to compare the stats was ranking #2 on Ask and #4 on Msn for its main keyword. This makes me think that there may be certain niche terms where Ask gives some relevant traffic – or at least gives clients the opportunity to target another engine.

Team Tamar