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Chris Moyles Makes Waves on Facebook

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
8 February 2008

As the Guardian Unlimited pointed out in their blog this week, the Chris Moyles Radio 1 show have recently gained themselves a Facebook fan page – which is getting HUGE amounts of interest from Facebookers. Live for less than a fortnight, the page was initially set up by a fan (according to the Moyles forum) but soon got picked up by the production team and has been mentioned on the show every day since. They also recorded a number of video messages which they uploaded to prove it was official – the best one is here.


It now boasts 170,000+ ‘fans’ – completely trouncing every other fan page so far set up… Here’s a few other pages that have been set up so far, along with the number of fans they’ve collected (as of today):

Love Hearts (sweets) – 731 fans
BBC Radio 1 (radio station) – 7,130 fans
Lego (toy) – 828 fans
Wikipedia (website) – 2,681 fans
New York Times (newspaper) – 9,734 fans
The Simpsonss (tv show) – 5,177 fans
Top Gear (tv show) – 18,876 fans
Lost (tv show) – 29,333 fans
Scrabulous (facebook app) – 16,394 fans
Kevin Smith (film director) – 22,557 fans
Ben Folds (musician) – 3,919 fans

Whilst it’s no surprise that a radio show with 8 million listeners has gained a following on Facebook, it’s great news for other brands as it will serve to highlight the potential of the Facebook fan page platform. They’ve already got some brilliant content up there, including the Photoshopped photos they had made for Kelly Osbourne’s ‘Body Image’ campaign.

Obviously the page being mentioned so much on the show has been great free advertising, but a large number of those fans were added before it ever got mentioned initially, so it also goes to highlight how quick these things can spread virally. Hopefully all the users that weren’t a ‘fan’ of anything before hand will now notice the extra ‘So-and-so is a fan of…’ box on their profile and add some more pages, helping the platform to gain a bit more prominence.



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