22 February 2008 |

Call to Action / Conversion #7


Further to the above a way of exploring this in further detail is creating a persona. This is your generic ‘customer’ which most companies should be able to advise you on.

For example, recently for a pitch we created Jenny. Jenny was 35 and living in Tonbridge with her 2 kids, husband Joe and cocker spaniel. We created everything from where she worked to detailing her online behaviour.

This helps us understand what the user is expecting, why they are there, what language they use and how they prefer to complete the process. We can then anticipate what questions they may want to ask and how we can structure, wireframe and design the site to help them shop online the way they want to.

This has now become an increasingly valuable part of the design process.

Sarah Graveling

Sarah has been working online as a designer since graduating over 10 years ago with a degree in Graphic Information Design. She worked at Tamar in her early 20's as a Junior Designer, then spent a number of years away before returning to the agency and being promoted to Creative Director. Specialising in Conversion Design, she strives for maximum conversion rates for many key clients and implemented the rebrand of Tamar's corporate identity last year.

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