20 February 2008 | Team Tamar

Call to Action / Conversion #6


I’m not talking about the personality of your website, but the personality of your visitors.
Since forever, people have determined that we fall into four different temperaments Methodical, Spontaneous, Humanistic and Competitive.

Nobody falls into one particular temperament and we generally share a few but one may dominate. However, it is a good idea when thinking about the design of the website to consider if your website caters for the characteristics of the below?

Likes facts and information presented in a logical way. Dislikes any unnecessary fuss and the ‘personal touch’.
Approach: Evidence to your research of facts and figures

Likes being impressed and can make a decision quickly. However, if you do not answer their questions they are likely to go to another site for the answers.
Approach: Address all immediate needs

Our generally relationship focused, thoughtful so tend to take a while making a decision.
Approach: Testimonials

Likes being in control, driven by curiousity and goal orientated and are irritated by inefficiency.
Approach: Speed and quality.

Team Tamar