4 February 2008 | Team Tamar

Amazon is trying to score a big win in the audio department!

Its clear that in 2008 Amazon has its eyes firmly set on iTune’s much coveted music trophy, and the American e-commerce company has certainly hit the ground running, making several decisive steps already.

The most prominent of which is probably their well documented take over of Audible.com.  Audible.com was established in 2007 and boasts a subscription service model for radio shows, audio books and podcasts.  This is all the more significant as Audible supplies audio books for, yes you guessed it, iTunes!  What’s more Amazon has recently introduced its Kindle service which essentially plays MP3’s and electronic books.  This is in addition to the already popular Unbox that allows users to rent or buy downloadable videos.    
All of this is very admirable and will no doubt help Amazon gain a few ‘brownie points’ in the online music arena.  However Amazon lack Apple’s ‘cool’ edge and no matter how much functionality is added to their online offering, the brand recognition that Apple has built up over the years puts it in a very favourable positions indeed.  Making it very hard for competitors to get anywhere near it in the online audio stakes, that is until the next big thing comes along.

Team Tamar