17 January 2008 | Team Tamar

Yahoo sign mobile Internet add deal with T-Mobile

Yahoo and T-Mobile announced today a deal whereby Yahoo will provide targeted display advertising on T-Mobile’s Internet service Web ‘n’ walk.

Mobile Internet advertising has grown rapidly in the last few years and this has spurred on Yahoo to aggressively target deals to sell and manage ads. Yahoo hope for success as their own core Web search advertising business has suffered major setbacks against their competitors such as Google.

Yahoo has a similar advertising contract with Vodafone and after the signing of their latest deal with T-Mobile, Yahoo now has access to two of the top four mobile phone network operators in Britain. "Banner advertising through the Internet on your mobile creates many opportunities for potential advertisers to adopt innovative marketing campaigns," Phil Chapman, director of marketing at T-Mobile said in a statement.

"We regard Yahoo as a leader in display advertising, and with its deep understanding of the mobile space and the potential that mobile advertising can offer clients, we’re glad they are on board as our partners."

Team Tamar