9 January 2008 | Team Tamar

Yahoo Life

With a number of
stories floating around at the moment it is hard to ignore that something new
and vibrant is happening within the Yahoo camp in California  This new direction appears to
affect all aspects of the business, which could only be a positive for the
user. They hope to re-gain ground lost to its rivals (Google, msn, newscorp)
but also challenge the social networks.

Yahoo is looking to
adopt a similar social networking strategy as Google which is to base
everything around yahoo mail.  However, this is only part of the strategy;
the key for success will be to bring mail, search, instant messaging, mobile
web, etc into one. Yahoo also recognises that users have a particular
preference of social networks and have accounted for third-party
applications to be integrated into their products. 

Yahoo has taken the
next step in social networking by making an intelligent social architecture.
From a users perspective this excellent and proof that social networks
aren’t fads that come and go. 

Team Tamar