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Work’s a breeze at Google

Alex Christie

18 January 2008

Employees at Google’s new development center in Fremont, Seattle have it easy. In between the three daily catered meals employees are able to play
air hockey, darts and Foosball in the games room.

If they need to de-stress they can pop down to nearby Lake Washington Ship Canal where kayaks are available for a midday paddle. The ‘office’ also boasts an on-site
massage therapist and free gym membership. It also has a ‘quiet room’ with a massage
chair and wonderful views of the water.

The serious side is that Google is addressing a problem that every company faces.
Attracting and retaining the right people. Google faces stiff opposition from companies
like Amazon.com and Microsoft Corp and wants to portray itself as a fun place
to work that does things a little differently.

Allowing your pet to join you at work is certainly a little different. I
imagine it creates a few hygiene issues but no doubt its one of the
reasons why Google is able to attract the ‘right’ people from all over the world.



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