10 January 2008 | Team Tamar

Wikia needs more time.

The launch of the Wikia search engine has been greeted by some criticism, but Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikia says that he is building something different that will take time and user input. 

Users of the new search engine will be able to rank and rate their search results by using open source software and also by tracking IP addresses to protect the search engine against spammers.

Wikia is also planning to utilise user’s information into its search results and this will be determined by users stopping and ranking their preferences.  This confuses me, because search is generally to find answers and topics fast and this function will surely slow the process down.

According to vnunet.com: " IT Week Labs also found in random search results test that the returns
contained many useless foreign language results."

Team Tamar

  • http://www.conversion-matters.co.uk Adam

    So use some proxies and promote all your own sites??