7 January 2008 | Team Tamar

Wiki Search Launched

Wikiaball_2 After declaring that Internet Search is currently broken, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales spend several months of development and acquisitions to assemble the infrastructure needed to build a search engine to fix the problem.

Wiki’s new Search Engine officially goes live today. Wiki Search is a product of Wiki Inc. a for-profit company wholly separate from the Wikimedia Foundation. Following a very short period of private alpha testing, Wiki Search will be launched to the public today as a alpha version. Wales openly admitted that the launch is something of a test drive and that the public will see continuous modifications and updates to the service.

Starting from www.wikia.com, users can navigate to an unadorned search page. According to Wales, Wiki Search is both a social network and a search engine. Users will be able to register, create user profiles and perform all typical functions of social networking site like messaging friends, uploading photos etc.

Similar to the larger Search Engines, Wiki Search will also display results as a set of links in order of relevance to the search term. But  that is were the similarities with other search engines ends. Applying the collaborative editing approach that is the essence of a Wiki, the search results are treated as a mini-article that registered users can edit and comment on.

User will be able to click on links and rank there relevance to the search term on a scale of one to five. There evaluations are then fed back into the algorithm to improve the quality of the information delivered.

Team Tamar