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Video Search in China

Alex Christie

22 January 2008

According to iResearch, there were 77,342,000 Chinese people searching for videos online in November 2007, this was a 17.1% increase when compared to October.   The rate has maintained a systematically high level of growth over the last 6 months.  This is mainly due to the gradual development of video websites services in China and the increasing demand for online videos.

However, from all the visits to the video websites in November, only 19% of them came from the video websites own search tools, and most of them (81%) were from search engines, like Baidu.  It seems that the search services provided by the video websites weren’t meeting user demands and they have to turn to the professional search engines for help. 

It is a big opportunity for these video websites, as they own the content.  But it is also a challenge, because they have to compete with the powerful, established search engines.



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