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US Facebook Numbers Continue to Rise

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
7 January 2008

Because I’m a bit of a number fiend, I’m continuing to monitor the number of Facebook users on a weekly basis (possibly rising to twice-weekly now, since I’m so impatient!) and below you can see the latest graphs generated. As you can see, active users in the US continues to rise after the post-Thanksgiving (or was it post-Beacon?) drop. Numbers in the UK on the other hand seem to have dropped quite significantly – I suspect this is due to the post-Christmas lull, and it’ll pick up again this week as everyone goes back to work and starts uploading their Christmas photos. Having said that, the same lull doesn’t seem to have occured in other Christmas-celebrating countries – Canada continues to rise, although Australia has dipped a little as well.

Turkey and France both continue to increase their numbers, and South Africa has taken a bit of a drop but nothing too significant. I suspect the really telling numbers will come later in the week or early next week, once eveyone has settled down again after the various winter holidays. Still, only time will tell!






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