7 January 2008 | Team Tamar

The Olympic Year and SEO in China

The 2008 Olympics is absolutely a great festival for all the Chinese, as it is the first time that China would host the game.  Almost everyone in China would pay attention to anything that related to Olympics.

On a Search Expo held in Beijing in Sep 2007, it was indicated that search engine would be a big helper to increase website’s conversion rate and potential customers in 2008. 

For example, in 2008, especially during the Olympics, accommodation, restaurant and transportation information would be essential to millions of visitors in Beijing, who barely know anything about Beijing.   By improving the ranking on the dominated search engines, such as Baidu and Google, on the keywords, like “Best restaurant in Beijing”, “Online accommodation booking in Beijing”, “Beijing Map” and etc., it would be a great chance to capture large amounts of customers in a short period.  Business could also earn a high reputation by making full use of internet and search engine during the Olympic Year. 

SEO is still quite new in China.  Would the Olympic Year boost SEO in China?  Let’s wait and see.

Team Tamar