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The Best Career of 2008!

Alex Christie

11 January 2008

US News does an annual article on what they consider to be the Best Careers of 2008 and I am thrilled to report that Usability/User experience specialist was 1 of 31 careers highlighted.

Of course, I am happy about this in terms of my own job security, but I am even happier to see the profession listed as this means it has hit a certain level on the radar of the business world.

One of the biggest challenges in my job is convincing businesses of the merits and benefits of investing in improving their user experience — and if possible — doing it sooner rather than later! This listing by US News indicates that as a discipline, usability is getting more attention by the right people and that the smart businesses have seen the ROI and are becoming believers.

Link: Usability/User Experience Specialist: Executive Summary – US News and World Report.



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