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Speaking Freely

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
8 January 2008

“You may remember yesterday I posted a blog on some voice recognition software that allows users to dictate their entries into a mobile phone. Following this post I received a call from Jonathan at SpinVox who offered to set me up with a trial of their service. I am always up something new so I said yes and what you may be seeing soon is a quick test of their system. I am going to dictate this exact post in its entirety via phone and what comes at the other end. I am pretty excited about this and prepared to have several goes as I do speak to you quickly anyway. So, if it does not work at first blame me. Jonathan said there are generally 3 types users of the service and I’m dumping it down here. Those who use it to post blogs(?) in a hurry, those who post to draft and then edit as a later date and those who use it as a memory tool. I am probably all 3. But let’s try that post now. Wish me luck.”

spoken through SpinVox



Speaking Freely

"It's test time on the voice recognition software. You may remember yesterday. I post a blog on some...

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