22 January 2008 | Team Tamar

Pownce Opens To Public Tonight At Midnight

It is a service that allows uses to send
messages, files, links and events to friends. The site has been in beta for more than six months and founders Leah Culver, Kevin Rose and Daniel Burka have decided that it is ready to officially releases and at midnight tonight PST Pownce will leave private beta.

This will of course allow anyone to join.
Currently there are about 150,000 uses, who have been waitlisted so Culver
(sole developer) could maintain performance of the site.

The new version allows users to import friend lists
from any/all of Digg, Flickr, Twitter or Facebook.

Culver says to him it’s more of a Twitter “plus”, than a Twitter clone. Pownce
is still a  distant second to Twitter in terms of traffic, but given that they were in
private beta the comparison wasn’t entirely fair. Now that the gates are open
to all, we’ll have to see whether users flock to the service.

Team Tamar